What Our Customers Think

"The biggest challenge we have working with people is that they just don't put the effort into understanding what the problem is..

The thought, the energy, and the creative solutions we get from you are unmatched. Bravo, good job—again."

- Robert D. (New York, NY)

"Just reading your emails... Wow, man—you're a maestro"

- Phil T.

"I've got 29 people signed up for my Masterclass already (it's only been a few hours!). Feels like a win already—THANK YOU FOR PUSHING ME"

- Amy C.


Meet My Friend, Robert

He was in a similar boat to you 6 months ago...

I'm telling you his story because I think you can relate.

Robert's a good friend who runs a wildly successful real estate investment fund. He had a massive number of new leads each month but they were seeing 5-10% open rates, Less than 1% click-throughs and an abysmal conversion rate (appointments generated) for the size of their audience.

He had a welcome sequence in place and a few lead magnets to keep the client flow up enough to support the business.

So What did We Do?

We started working with him to transform their email marketing into the perfect first impression for prospective investors. All the heavy-lifting, from opt-in to call booked was taken care of by their email marketing software.  I want to share this with you because, like you, they had a great product, a sizable audience, 

We created a refreshed lead-gen funnel with a welcome sequence that segmented each new subscriber, drove them to the most important offer (a consultation with an investor), and dripped them into a targeted nurture campaign IF they didn't book a call. 

We covered the basics behind WHY their strategy was unique to the market, and how it played out for first-time investors.  Simple stuff to him, but extremely interesting and novel to his audience.

We met up a few weeks after the launch and this is what he had to say:

We were looking for that high value content we know every customer is craving right now. 

You answered every question we had, and more—so going with you was a no-brainer…Once the project was finished, we loved what we saw. 

All of the content was detailed, concise, and had a flow we were never able to get on our own. 

Open rates and clicks are LITERALLY up 10x from when we started and new appointments have tripled in just the first few weeks...

Ready to work together?


What Good Will This Do for Your Biz?

"I learned more about creating better offers and selling them to my list during 1 hour of interacting with Jacob than I have in entire courses by digital marketing titans."

- Tiffany I.

"If you need to get clear on what you’re selling, why you’re selling it, and how you can create an offer suite for your list that is literally engineered to sell itself, book an hour with this guy. You’ll walk away with your brain on fire—like, in a good way."

- Kristin M.

"Jacob broke me in the best way possible and made me completely rethink how I bring in clients and sell my services"

- Grace F.